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52 weeks of FEMINISM

in 2019, I’ve decided to give more time to my practice of creating feminist artwork which empowers women and girls in the street setting. As such I need to make more time somewhere else, we all know what that’s like and of course, something has got to give. One of the things I tend to do each morning, intermittently throughout the day and of course at night before bed is going on FACEBOOK. If you add all this up you will see that its actually quite a lot of time!


So above is some of the digital intro concept art (c) S.0.S which is being shared in my Instagram HERE

I’m spending my time weaving stories in 2019 rather than looking at what others post on social media, I know everyone means well, but honestly…..It isn’t really useful for my mental health.

I’m also realising after such a bad year of health that every day I am on this planet is one that I need to make the most of, and I’m more than capable to leave my mark. Scrolling on facebook makes me feel wanting in some way, even though my friends are lovely people, I’d rather make time to see them more regularly too in the real world.

Time is the thing that we don’t have a lot of in our fast-moving consumer goods based lifestyles. Even if you have opted out of buying consumer goods and grow your own veg etc- it’s always good to try to carve a little more out of the allotted 24 hours (if you can).

So here we are nearly at the end of the second decade in the 21st century…I hope 2019 is a turning point for many things. I was encouraged that Christmas spending was down, I gave a little whoop whoop for the UK population when I heard that on the radio..maybe there is some hope and people are waking up.

In the mean time, This blog will be a weekly one and I will include lots of pictures of my artwork regularly in this diary of my year.

Heres a gallery of the work, which is my artwork NUMBER 1 for 2019 Its Called Smash The Patriarchy Banner number 1 with Bluebirds

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