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WEEK 1- Smash The Patriarchy

This weeks artwork wasn’t as easy to get done as I’d thought. Infact the first time I went out to paint it, I completely miscalculated the time and went too early. It’s in a really unloved and hyper-masculine space, one could say its quite a toxic masculine space. The mark-making in this particular tunnel feels very aggressive to me. Its territorial, some political and some writing (logo name writing) There were ghost-like wailing skulls and some angry scrawls- basically a fixer upper if ever I saw a space…

I got super prepared, as I always do when I’m going out at night. There’s zero light at the location, but my partner (in crime) has a good one. The tunnel was damp and unfortunately, there were a lot of people passing, as well as cars. Ideally, for this kind of thing I would say definitely I should have gone after midnight, but when one car stopped and began taking photos of me I thought it would be best to call it a night. The thing is, the fact that women feel they need a chaperone at night, does make it hard for them to go forth and create street art unless its legal and can be done during the day.

This is sadly male privilege in action, but the type of thing that you probably wouldnt even think of if you are a man, but most women I have interviewed about this, tend to find that the criminality of the idea, having children and potential of being raped are pretty big inhibitors to night -time mark-making. This explains why the street-art scene does still feel proedominately masculine.

I’m not averse to getting caught mark-making and if I had to take some kind of punishment I would. But I do feel what I am doing is redressing the balance a little. Men and boys appear to give themselves more permissions to paint in these spaces than women do and as such it feels hyper-masculine to me. I do know that women go out to paint to but its aprox only 10%.

A merry group of 2 women and one older man, were very happy and pleased with my artwork addition, saying, that it was lovely and a contrast to the other stuff they see along here. Thats the thing some people really get it and are encouraging too!

I cannot tell you the location of this piece as its technically unauthorised, which is amusing for a Government endorsed street-artist …I do like the irony in that!

I am rather pleased with this whole concept its 4.5m X 3m aprox My artwork is a touch of irony. The Bluebirds are those that brought Cinderella her apron, this time they bring her a banner forcing her to abandon all need to do housework or go to the ball 👠👑the scene in the film is here:

You get the gist anyway! Makes perfect sense right?

Basically the message is,

“Put your pinny down girl and save your damn self!”

This artwork created on the day that Krysten Sinema is being sworn into Congress by the current Vice President of the United States, a man who encourages this administration’s homophobia. It makes the irony even better as she is openly bisexual (not that is the business of anyone! ) Her face says it all: The #WomensWave is coming and we’re breaking down every barrier in our way. She also swore on a lawbook and not a religious book, and having escaped the Mormon religion too!! (Which is highly patriarchal) you go Kysten!!

Krysten Sinema being sworn into Congress by a member of the Patriarchy

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