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Inspiring Malaga

I recently returned from Malaga, which in the guidebooks says, “not the prettiest of cities.” It’s true, the city is not typically picturesque, has been planned with lots of blocks of flats and is quite run down. However as the birthplace of Picasso, there had to be something fresh and creative going on, and I am very pleased to say that I discovered it.

Driving into the city centre over a bridge towards the direction of the original city centre, I happened to look right and see two enormous blocks of flats with wonderful murals that I recognise immediately as the work of Shepard Fairey AKA OBEY and D*FACE.


I couldn’t wait to get back over to this spot, time permitting, as we had a flight to catch and a preplanned itiniery to visit to the Picasso Museum.

These are some of the wonderful sights I liked the best and photographed in the city centre. Included in this gallery is a photograph of the first Objet D’Art in the museum, a beautiful earthenware plate decorated with a fawn by Pablo Picasso. I was severely reprimanded for taking a shot with my iPad, and this is not allowed. I am used to being told off in these situations and totally respect this, but there is no clear signage to say not to…

Having enjoyed the museum immensely I followed my instinct to find the best route to bring me as close as possible to the colossal murals by Shepard Fairey & D*FACE. Judging by the buildings that were used, these could possibly be social housing, but in any case, I believe that the additions of the murals to this area will bring tourism to that part of town. Which is a good thing. Having researched images of the before, I can definitely say it is an enhancement. Here are the images I shot. It was the end of the day, and frustratingly the sun was not in a good position.

These 2 murals were part of an overall urban art exhibition called MAUS which is short for MALAGA URBAN ART FESTIVAL SOHO…very inspiring and I would like to further explore the collaborative aspects of what happened during this festival in a forthcoming blog.

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