The Art of Fashion…Ever since I was little, I have loved fashion, and trends, my inspiration is drawn from many sources, vintage illustrations from the 1920’s-30’s, how women are portrayed in history and also in times of war.

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I was knitting with shredded M&S bags (they kindly supplied them in bulk) and making earrings out of old toys and “Up-Cycling” as early as 1979. I wish I had catalogued all my creations over the years, but those were the days when we just did it and didnt take a selfie of ourselves doing it! Here’s a very small selection of my fashion designs, sketches & paintings. These date from the 90’s through to today. My current art practice has freed itself up in scale and process, the influence of design and fashion is always within my interpretations of strong or iconic women in my current street art projects.  I love fine minimalist lines and the distorted proportions that go hand in hand with fashion illustration and design…

OMG! (ess)

Inner Struggle & Silent Code

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