Art in public spaces

collaboration, large scale, Live art, Paintings & Mixed media, performance


All types of paints on all kinds of surfaces but always destined for an inclusive and mostly, public setting.  Sometimes I paint live for events, and sometimes my work is commissioned for private clients. My day to day work is at the grassroots level with the know how to also work with local authorities, corporate businesses, & not forgetting community groups etc. The love of painting for me is a theraputic experience where I can express myself fully and forget my worries for those moments  For my own personal artworks; sometimes I create work in hidden spots which are not readily accessible such as Birling Gap, where I noticed that people had scraped their names into the seaweed encased chalk cliffs. In Birling gap, the artwork was eroded after a year, in the woods, I will return to take away the installation.

Image 10m x 2m Chelsea Fringe for Cranbrook

There is an element of performative painting to my work when it is undertaken in a LIVE PAINTING context such as on the street, mural work and at events and openings. My favourite subjects, are nature and women; I like to portray powerful, superhuman, avatar-like style women, mainly influenced by Athena posters of the early 80’s, fashion illustration and of course comic strip heroines and the Renaissance period.

Creating art without paint, by removal of surface layers, is also something I am very interested in developing more.  I like to create a surprise gift to the public in unexpected places during my explorations.

Interior Art Installation commission 2017

4 x Panels 127 x 107cms. Birchwood, Golden Gel mediums, Gold leaf and Montana


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