Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration

This aspect of my work is all about redefining unloved spaces from the bottom up. It involves the whole community and aims to transform our urban environments in order that they represent the type of imagery that the whole community wants to see. This is often in tunnels. alleys, and general spaces where there’s need of an intervention, often there’s high footfall during the daytime. However at night, activities such as “tagging*” can begin to dominate the space.

S.o.S is the winner of the Brighthelm Mural Contest which was launched early 2015, the brief was to design a mural in the heart of Brighton on approximately 140 sq metres of wall space which is a long alleyway between the car park and the community centre.
This project came with a grant as first prize to undertake the project.
The concept and brief was COMMUNITY & SUSTAINABILITY:

* Tagging- I completely understand and agree that this form of mark making, can be considered an artform in it’s own right. My role as a designer & practitioner is to ensure that the community space we redesign and reimagine, gels together as whole and reflects the type of space that the majority of the community wants to see.
Some of the judges comments included,
  • “Inspiring art”
  • “Great style, colour & participatory elements”
  • “Like very much. Could be beautiful.”                                                                         

The judging panel consisted of:
Caroline Lucas (MP, Green Party, Brighton Pavillion)
Peter Harold (North Laine Community Association representative)
Paul Hart (Baron Homes representative)
Aaron Hinton (RCP Car Parking representative)
Rik Child (Brighthelm Director)
Liz McDonald (NLCA member and Brighthelm Community Garden Group representative)
Jan Jackson (Brighthelm Community Garden Group representative)

I’d like to say a special thank you to all the helpers, friends and volunteers including City & Guilds Kineo, Brighton and Tomorrow’s People who volunteered their time to help paint this mural.


The inspiration for this project was a trip I made to Malaga, details of which will be uploaded soon, so do come back and have a look at this soon!

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