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WEEK 7- Opening doors

Ok so theres been a bit of a gap between week 1 and week 7, in terms of blog writing.
And that’s OK because Ive been making ART- Hurrah!  Infact I’ve been working on 3 separate projects
So Carebears V The Patriarchy is one of them and this blog is devoted to that!
Heres my latest artwork which is a screen print. It’s 4 colours and is the first time I have done screen printing since the late 80’s. The whole process has been quite intense to get to the finished product. But I loved every step, and of course building up to that last screen, “The Money Shot, ” as Dan owner of the printers,* puts it was very much worth it!
*(Another Fine Mesh Screen Printers- Lewes-Highly recommend!)

Its quite a messy process the inks are harder to get off than spray-paint is , (Note to self- Gloves??) ..so now I’ve reintroduced myself to screen printing, I’m excited to create more, and more.. I’ve at least 3 other print ideas brewing in the Care Bear Series.
I went to Hastings the other day and was drawn into a really great looking street art gallery called Stella Dore.
Great show on there at the moment by Sara Pope with lots of lovely lips!
Heres some of the work:
Just got chatting and picked up a flyer for their next show which a group exhibition by some amazing women artists called “Women of Mass Distraction,” and was kindly invited by the owner to the Private View.
I then picked up my prints from the Screen Printers in Lewes, and just wondered whether Stella Dore would like one of these, even for in the print rack, I would have been happy to place a couple in the show.
But after seeing my print on a film clip, the gallery owner, Steph (who knows a thing or 2 about screen-printing,) has offered me a space on the walls too for the next show…SCHWEET!
Heres the flyer…
Heres the film clip of the limited edition prints too which need mounting and signing :

Everybody has got to start somewhere, These are my first screen-prints-so I’ll tell you how it goes …

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