Who doesn’t love a good festie? The great festivals over the world are extraordinary environments where something really special happens. Its a melting pot of creativity across many artforms, music, dance, performance and visual art. Included in this section are some of my live art installations, which are created to make visitors to your events go ooooooooo!


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Jelly fish on blue #cellograff

I think part of the allure is the camping experience which takes us to a simpler era, when we didn’t have too much “stuff”, but plenty of time to play.

Bumble Bee & Poppies on transparent #cellograff

So much time spent at festivals got me thinking that theres a definite gap in the market for teenagers, so I started running spraypainting workshops in 2010. Since the early days U CAN Spray has grown, its now an award winning concept and official charity, which launched in December 2015 after scooping the first prize Bright-Spark Award  2015-16 from The Students Union  for an innovative and entrepreneurial idea with a positive social impact.  This award is open to graduates and students alike of the University of Brighton.


Of course like any good concept this requires a team, collaboration and the creative setting to engage people from all walks of life. Spraypainting is a starting point from which there are many opportunities to develop skills in collaboration, developing spontaneous thinking and confidence to move into associated and related areas of artmaking through the creative process. Whether this is exercises in collaborative art making on a community mural or team building workshops for big companies or working with young people not in education or employment.

If you would like me or the charity to come along to your festival, please get in touch!