Working with young people and adults who face challenges or are difficult to engage through a medium that inspires them…

JULY 2016 -The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital Diabetic Team.

We were invited along to create a pop-up spraypainting booth for young people to try spraypainting and create their own stunning piece of art to take away. The object of this project was to support a Diabetic Fun Day for families and children of Type 1 Diabetes to attend to also check out what are the latest gadgets to manage their lifelong disease. The day was a huge success and I am very proud that this drop-in format enabled the children to have a great time and hopefully made the day feel better too! I hope the format will make a difference to how young people engage with illnesses by supporting attendance to events such as these…


“Thank you to Sarah and her team for bringing your wonderful spray painting art workshop to our summer event for patients and their families living with type 1 diabetes.  Despite the rain the day was a huge success and the CAN workshop added a really fun and popular element attracting a wide range of children, young people (and a few grown ups!) to unleash their inner artist.  With guidance from Sarah and her colleague even younger children were creating some really professional looking pictures fit for an Artist Open House display!  We were really impressed with how many stunning pieces of artwork were created on the day  to take home and will hopefully be proudly displayed for a long time to come”

The Children and Young Person’s Diabetes Team, Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton

APRIL 2016 – Sarah A.K.A S.o.S has been accepted as an Arts Practitioner PLUS for NCS The Challenge throughout the summer in the London Borough of Lambeth

This was the idea…”I will be working with 15-17 year old young people from all walks of life and I’m very excited about this program! My understanding is that I will be guiding groups of up to 12 individuals through spray-painting. We then take our ideas into the community – I am especially interested in inter-generational projects with the elderly and young people together.”

UPDATE- The NCS is a great idea but sadly I decided to decline the role as there was no accommodation for actual spray-painting rather rushing from classroom to classroom to use the “materials provided” which would NOT include spraypaint. In order to facilitate a government led “Arts” curriculum which resembled a basic GCSE- or more of the same. Therefore having got through the whole process by showing my spray-paint concept, (which is what young people want to do), I felt let down, not for myself but for the young people attending who would not have the opportunity to even try spray-painting…and would have felt as misled as I, especially if they watched some of the video clips showing spraypainting as an activity!? Using spray-painting and street art as a marketing ploy whilst not actually having the facilities and set up to enable this activity is dubious…THE Arts always suffer from CUTS in funding first, and is always pushed into a secondary role against sports (both are equally important)