Breaking news. about the charity. I founded last year and the Points of Light award which has been bestowed on me by the Prime Minister

In a personal letter to Sarah, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“By establishing ‘U CAN Spray’ you are helping disadvantaged young adults to realise their creative potential. Your engaging workshops are helping young people from diverse backgrounds to express themselves through spray painted murals and community art projects.”

I have written a blog about the whole experience which you can read HERE

It’s wonderful to be recognised for my ideas by our Prime Minister and I really hope this award will lead the way to establish a permanent HUB for young people in East Sussex. Once we have a proper base, we can begin creating a template for U CAN Spray Charity spaces all across the UK. Artistic social spaces where young people can learn a vocation through the arts is so needed in our communities

Who am I?

“As I grow as an artist, I’ve become increasingly aware, concerned and motivated surrounding issues of ethics, sustainability and of course the impact on political agendas through my creative practice.”

The changing role and responsibility of the artist is more relevant today than ever before.

This is why I am an Inclusive Arts Practitioner

What is an Inclusive Arts Practitioner?

Inclusive Arts Practice (IAP) is a vast arts movement where practitioners use many artistic mediums such as dance, photography, film-making, drama and visual arts to reach and support marginalised or vulnerable members of society.

Find out more about Inclusive Arts Practice (IAP)

Street art and graffiti writing as a genre can have a really positive effect on the community by transforming urban spaces which may be traditionally considered neglected because of tagging issues Inclusively , we can turn public spaces into those that the whole community would like to see. The viral spread of campaigning artwork for a cause via social media, is something I have learned through my practice when my Alice against FGM mural’s message was spread on-line when I participated in Femme Fierce 2015. I later went on to speak to the press in Vienna, alongside Petra Bayr MP, to explain how art for social change matters.