Who am I?

“As I grow as an artist, I’ve become increasingly aware, concerned and motivated surrounding issues of ethics, sustainability and of course the impact on political agendas through my creative practice.”

The changing role and responsibility of the artist is more relevant today than ever before.

This is why I am an Inclusive Arts Practitioner

What is an Inclusive Arts Practitioner?

Inclusive Arts Practice (IAP) is a vast arts movement where practitioners use many artistic mediums such as dance, photography, film-making, drama and visual arts to reach and support marginalised or vulnerable members of society.

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 I am interested in using my conceptual skills and my ability to tune into changes in social trends in order to help change perceptions and create positive social change.  I would like to make art accessible to as many people as possible, including more hard to reach or vulnerable individuals. Through my MA Inclusive Arts Practice at the University of Brighton I specialised in creating art interventions in the street for my final arts research project. After investing hundreds of hours into this genre, I am beginning to understand how the almost simple act of creating a mural, or using spray paint to engage with youth, is a powerful medium to communicate. Street art and graffiti writing as a genre can have a really positive effect on the community by transforming urban spaces which may be traditionally considered neglected because of tagging issues into spaces that the whole community would like to see. Even artwork which is painted over in the street can still do it’s work for a cause via social media, and this is something I have learned through my practice when my Alice against FGM mural’s message was spread on-line when I participated in Femme Fierce 2015.